Street and road lighting
(S278 and S38 lighting)

Street and road lighting 

Photon Worx has many years experience of providing S38 and S278 lighting designs, and getting these approved by the local authority. We work with our clients closely to provide the best solution for them, whether this be a simple lighting design or support and consultancy through the approval process.

We are competent at providing lighting designs that satisfy all relevant British Standards and latest industry guidance, whilst placing the emphasise on the requirements of the project, whether these be minimal infrastructure, energy saving or equipment aesthetics, to ensure your project has the best solution possible. We are able to provide completely new designs for unbuilt areas, or can work with the existing infrastructure to upgrade and improve the current lighting as required.

We offer two standard options for street/road lighting works, as shown below, but understand each and every project is different, so feel free to give us a call to discuss your project in more detail.

Option 1 – Basic design

This is our value solution for those wishing for a simple lighting design, where all parameters and requirements have been considered by the client. This is a one off design which requires no investigation on the part of Photon Worx and is produced to the information, guidance and drawings provided by the client. If the scheme is to be adopted, then it will be presumed that the client has been in contact with the local authority lighting engineer and is able to provide a ‘design brief’ to work to. Any other parameters and restrictions for lighting must be provided by the client prior to designing (this includes car charging locations, existing utilities landscape locations etc). A frozen layout for the area to be lit must also be provided in the form of a DWG file. Any changes to the lighting design, due to alterations of other elements of the scheme, are not accounted for, and as such alterations are subject to revision fees.

This package includes 1 x draft layout for comment by the wider deign team. From this, alterations to the lighting design are made as required and a final design drawing, with supporting documents, is provided.

Suitable projects – Private roads and streets, outline planning applications, any S38/S278 project that the client feels will not change and for which all supporting information and local authority information has been provided.

Option 2 – Consultancy and design

This is our comprehensive solution for your project, which takes the pain out of the process! Our consultancy package is for the client who’s project is still fluid or who has limited time to interact with local authorities and other stakeholders. We shall work with you early within the project to determine the parameters required for lighting the site. This includes engaging with the local authority to attain a design brief/guidance, site visits and interaction with other disciplines to ensure that proposed lighting and other infrastructure or landscaping can be appropriately located within the project. Up to five draft layouts can be provided with this option, allowing the natural evolution of the site during the planning process whilst ensuring lighting is being considered for each new layout*. The consultancy package also allows for up to 3 x projects meetings, to promote smooth progress of the design. Our guidance and consultancy during the planning stages of the site highlight potential issues and restrictions for lighting the site, allowing mitigation and design solutions to be conceived early within the project, preventing expensive work around solutions at a later date.

*Further draft layouts and meetings can be added at a prescribed rate, as required by the client.