Assessment and strategies

Lighting assessment and strategies

Lighting strategies

Whether required to satisfy a planning condition or to demonstrate the likely proposed lighting to the local authority or client, Photon Worx is able to strategise appropriate lighting solutions for your project.

Whether a private or adoptable lighting scheme, Photon Worx will assess the various parameters and restrictions to propose suitable lighting levels and equipment to achieve your project goals.

We will work collaboratively with you and your wider team to ensure your hopes and aspirations for lighting are achieved through an appropriate solution.

Lighting impact assessments

Existing – Photon Worx can assess existing lighting stock and schemes to quantify the current lighting levels and potential impacts this may have on human receptors, ecology and sky glow. Reports are produced as per ILP guidance and will propose mitigation and solutions for any lighting found to be causing a nuisance or impact on the environment or receptors.

Proposed – Sometimes planners and local authorities will want to see the lighting proposals and strategy for a site, as well as being made aware of the potential impacts. At Photon Worx we will assess all the various parameters to ascertain appropriate lighting levels and equipment for your project. Once an indicative lighting design has been produced by us, we will then assess and quantify any potential impacts that may arise form the proposed lighting, and suggest design solutions and mitigation.