Sensitive receptor lighting

Ecology and environment

Photon Worx advocates for darker night skies and for reduced impact on ecology from artificial light at night (ALAN), and as such will always provide independent advice and assessment. Photon Worx will always try to achieve the least impactful solution possible, whilst still delivering functional lighting, and works to all current industry best practice guidance, standards and legislation in regard to ecology and environmental impact. Whether you are a developer, ecologist or dark skies advocate, needing some assistance with proposing or evaluating artificial lighting in proximity to sensitive environments, then Photon Worx has the experience and knowledge to ensure sensitive species and areas are not negatively impacted by obtrusive light spill from exterior lighting schemes.

If you have particular ecology issues or concerns, feel free to pick up the phone for a non-obligatory chat to see how we can assist you, your project and the natural world.